Welterweight Wrestling 2 (2017)


(Welterweight Wrestling – Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, OH. – October 22, 2017 – 5 PM)


WW2 Cold Open Video Package

Main Card

Cole Radrick/Sage Phillips v. Amazing Graysons  (Tommy & JP) w/Tony Mamaluke

The Graysons hit an electric chair/blockbuster combination on Radrick to secure the pin.

Man, Radrick was shot out of a cannon for this match. I’ve never seen him so animated or scrappy. Whatever the cause, keep it up.

And I enjoyed Mamaluke in a managerial role, as well. With his trim haircut and suit, he was understated but appropriate at ringside.

Winners: Amazing Graysons

Promo: Joe Dombrowski

Dombrowski enters the ring and begins to talk about the evening when he suddenly loses his train of thought. At first, I thought he was showing nerves because the event was being simulcast via iPPV on FITE, but then I caught sight of what distracted him. Across the ring was Trey Miguel. Miguel, who was scheduled for the debut Welterweight show in May, has been “persona non grata” since. He demands to speak to Dombrowski, who declines saying that this is neither the time nor place for a discussion. Miguel persists. Dombrowski relents and allows him into the ring.

Dombrowski: “Let’s pull the trigger and shoot.”

The two begin trading barbs. Dombrowski acknowledges Miguel’s talent but says that he isn’t serious about the business. He said Miguel has his stuck up the ass of Dave Crist of Rockstar Pro Wrestling. Finally, Miguel speaks. He apologizes to the fans and asks for an opportunity to redeem himself. Dombrowski looks to the crowd for their opinion. They Miguel to have the chance to redeem himself. Dombrowski books Trey Miguel to face Sonny Vice later in the evening.

Gavin Glass v. Sonny Kiss

Glass opens the match by demeaning Kiss. Glass took out his chewing gum and attempted to stick it in Kiss’ mouth.

Kiss rattled Glass with a chin breaker into a full split.

Eventually, Kiss is caught in a springboard stunner and pinned.

Winner: Gavin Glass

Ace Austin v. Bu Ku Dao

Austin caught the Louisianna-native in a high-angle Boston Crab to secure the submission.

Winner: Ace Austin

Promo: “Progressive Liberal” Daniel Richards

Ring announcer Nick Lendl goes to ringside to interview Richards who was in the audience. The politically-charged grappler has recently caught the attention of Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and the Washington Post. WW and PCW work with such young, fresh talent in the earliest stages of their careers that associating themselves with a performer with such high mainstream availability is only going to be a good thing. Though he is well out of the 185-lb. weight-cap of Welterweight Wrestling, maybe we will soon see him in a PCW ring?

Anthony Henry v. Jason Kincaid

Anyone who regularly follows my blog knows that I don’t subscribe to the star-ranking system like, say, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. However, I did see at least one Twitter user christening this encounter a “five-star match.” And I’d be hard-pressed to argue. This match was simply sensational. From Kincaid’s use of small digit manipulation and his handstand escape from a headlock to Henry’s evocative crowd interaction, these are wrestlers who possess loaded tool boxes and know how to use them.

Kincaid took this one by submission. In reality, there were no losers here.

Winner: Jason Kincaid


Atticus Cogar (w/ Otis Cogar) v. Cornelius Crummels (w/ Sonny DeFarge)

The second half of the event begins with a brawl between the Cogars and Crummels and DeFarge spilling from the locker room into the arena. Once it is contained, the match between Atticus Cogar and Cornelius Crummels is free to begin.

Cogar defeats Crummels with a snapmare driver.

How much longer can the war between these two factions continue?

Winner: Atticus Cogar

Tyler Nitro/Eye Candy Elliott v. Shawn Phoenix/Alex Jordan

Phoenix pins Elliott after a Phoenix Splash.

Elliott, who I’ve seen alternately refer to himself online as “Cutie McMuscles” and “Big Cutie Cool,” is solid in the role of vain heel. He and Nitro have nice chemistry. I love to see Welterweight Wrestling establish some 185 tag teams.

Winners: Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan

Trey Miguel v. Sonny Vice

Vice over Miguel with a Shining Wizard.

Vice had a rough go of it for the body of the match but pulled out a 9th inning victory.

After, Dombrowski entered the ring and squashed his beef with Miguel. He put him over and says that he fully expects to see Miguel on television sooner than later.

This was another hot match. Miguel has a good look and can go in the ring. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the regular on WW shows.

Winner: Sonny Vice

Promo: Gregory Iron

Iron talks about his recent (horrific) in-ring accident. Though not quite cleared to wrestle, he will be back soon. He puts over the promotion and lower-weight-class wrestlers.

Lee Moriarty interrupts him. He makes fun of Iron’s injury. In turn, Iron turns the tables on him and completely shuts him down by talking about his perseverance, heart and talent. Iron is a good talker but this is one of the most memorable promos he has cut in recent memory.

#1 Contender’s Match

7-Way Elimination Scramble

Lee Moriarty v. Ryan Kidd v. The Whisper v. Rory Gulak v. Ophidian v. ???

Ending the night-long speculation, Myron Reed iss announced as the mystery seventh participant.

Gulak is almost immediately leveled by a 5-way superkick. Ouch.

There are a number of planchas before the match settles in.

The Whisper is eliminated by Myron Reed.

Ryan Kidd is eliminated by Myron Reed.

Reed submits to a Dragon Sleeper applied by Rory Gulak.

Gulak is pinned by Ophidian.

Ophidian is pinned by Moriarty after a back cracker.

Gulka dawdles at ringside until Ophidian is eliminated. He jumps him and the two brawl around ringside.

Nate Wings pins Lee Moriarty to become the #1 contender to the Welterweight Championship.

Nick Lendl enters the ring to conduct a post-match interview with Wings. He asks the #1 Contender who he would rather face for his championship opportunity. Wings says that he wants to take on Ace Perry for the championship next year at Welterweight Wrestling 3.

This match was every bit as wild as I was expecting it to be. As much fun as the scramble was from WW1, this one upped the ante in both star power and action.

And for what it’s worth, even though The Whisper was the first to be eliminated from the scramble, he has my interest and I’d love to see him back at the next event.

Winner: Nate Wings

Main Event

Welterweight Championship

Ace Perry (c) v. Gory

After several minutes of hard-fought action, Atticus Cogar hits the ring and he and Gory mug the champion.

Nate Wings comes running to the ring to assist his friend. He goes for a springboard dropkick when both Gory and Cogar move out of the way. He inadvertently blasts Perry. The “New Age Plague” connects with a jumping cradle driver to pin Perry and become the new Welterweight Wrestling champion. Both Gory and Cogar hightail it to the locker room.

Wings attempts to apologize to Perry and shake his hand. Perry is inconsolable. He attacks Wings and the two begin to brawl. The brawl quickly escalates. The locker empties as every attempt is made to keep the two fighters apart. Perry freaks out and starts to throw chairs and trash cans into the ring. At this point, Wings begins to lose his cool and get angry as well.

I completely called this one wrong. I was certain that the champ was going to retain. This is a side that I have never seen from the normally buoyant Perry. I can’t say that roughening up his character a bit is a bad idea. We already know he can play the part of an “aw shucks” white meat babyface. Now it’s time to see what is below the surface.

One thing is for certain, Perry v. Wings is going to be one hot match.

New Welterweight Champion: Gory

Last Thoughts

As my friends and I drove home after the event, I couldn’t help but reflect on a couple things.

I really like that Joe Dombrowski makes an effort to make the Welterweight shows feel different than the monthly PCW shows that he helms and that are held in the same building. For example, his use of staging. The interview that Nick Lendl conducted with Daniel Richards was from the front row. That’s not how things are blocked out in PCW. It felt like something from a UFC event or a boxing match. It’s a minor alteration, but those things add up. The same with the mid-ring conversation that Dombrowski had with Trey Miguel. It made sense to do something mid-ring since the show was live on iPPV. It made it feel impromptu and big time. It was like something fans would normally see on Raw. Guys like Miguel aren’t normally afforded speaking time in front of a hot camera with no safety net. Could it have gone a little smoother? Probably. But Dombrowski gets the importance of giving young talent the opportunity to sink or soar.

Shout out to Ryan Kidd for hustling his ass off at the merch table. He was animated and engaging and enthusiastically trying to sell himself AND make a couple bucks. Afterall, that’s the name of the game, right?

Not to belabor the point, but Kincaid v. Henry was TERRIFIC. I spoke to each man individually during the intermission to tell them so. (If you follow Kincaid on Facebook he even mentions the interaction in a recent post.) Turner’s Hall has an incredibly rich wrestling history going back to the days of JT Lightning’s Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling. After laying dormant for a few years, PCW brought the sport back to the building. In the year-plus since it has been back, the best match I’d witnessed there in that time was Jason Kincaid v. Matt Cross at “Battle of the Beards.” Kincaid v. Henry easily surpassed it. It was an excellent match performed by elite-level athletes in front of a white hot audience. It is worth the price of the DVD or stream alone. SEEK IT OUT.

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-Ted Zep


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