MEGA Championship Wrestling: Plan 9 (2017)


Photo Credit: Derek Magrum

(MEGA Championship Wrestling – St. John Gym – North Elyria, OH. – September 23, 2017)

Main Card

As advertised, the doors opened precisely at 6 PM.

6:31 PM: The referee and announcer to begin the show.

Dazed & Confused (Chet Lasseter & Lemmy San Dimas) v. Bearded Bastards (Jeff Jevic & Bruiser Schmidt) w/ Danny Spitfire

Jevic pinned Lasseter after a Demolition Decapitation.

Winners: Bearded Bastards

MEGA Cup Second Round Match

“Simply Sexy” Shawn Blaze v. “Gorgeous” Bryan Laster

Blaze is killing this kid with chops. Eventually, Laster misses a 450 and eats a superkick from Blaze for the pin.

Winner: Shawn Blaze

Triple Threat

Bryan Keith v. Gino v. Jonathan Vega

Keith pinned Vega after a DDT.

Apparently, these three are students at Booker T’s school. They were on their way back from an Evolve seminar in Michigan when they were booked at the last minute.

Decent little match. All three guys hustled.

Winner: Bryan Keith

MEGA Cup Second Round Match

Shawn Phoenix v. Andrew Palace

Palace goes for a plancha and ends up eating the barrier. Palace continues on and is stiff as fuck with Phoenix.

These two are unloading on each other with everything.

Palace connects with a pump-handle-driver to secure the win.

Winner: Andrew Palace


Brandon X and Graham Wellington are in the ring. Chris Cole comes out to verbally spar with them. He (with his partners El Taino and Big Moe) challenges them to a match Commissioner Anthony Falcone is out and says that if X and Wellington don’t accept the challenge, then they will be “gone.” Brandon X agrees to the match.

Aja Perera v. Zoey Skye

Skye kicks out of a wicked DDT by Perera.

Perera: “That’s my main move. I’m super.”

Joseline and “Little” Richard Davenport (“LRD”) are out to distract the referee.

Perera pins Skye after an inverted driver.

Winner: Aja Perera


Photo Credit: Derek Magrum

MEGA Infinity Championship

Eric Ryan (c) v. TJ Dynamite

Ryan is getting nasty with some chops. There is a ref bump. Ryan tosses the belt to Dynamite. The referee regains his senses and sees Dynamite holding the belt. He calls for the disqualification.

Winner: Eric Ryan

Birthday Boy

Philly Collins, Marino Tenaglia, Shawn Blaze and others come out to celebrate the birthday of a young fan. They help him into the ring and sing “Happy Birthday” to him. The boy is ecstatic.

MEGA Fight Spirit Championship

Joseline (c) w/ LRD v. Katie Arquette

LRD accidentally finds himself handcuffed to the bottom rope. Joseline connects with a neck breaker to retain the championship.

Winner: Joseline

Brandon X/Graham Wellington v. Big Moe/Chris Cole/El Taino

Early, Taino is on heavy defense. He finally hot tags Moe in a nicely timed sequence.

Moe uppercuts X so hard that he lands on the top turnbuckle.

Cole scores with a suicide dive.

Spitfire is out to distract the referee. Kalam interferes and attacks Moe.

Brandon X uses a particularly vicious powerbomb on El Taino to score the pin. He stared down Taino’s family during the three count.

Winners: Brandon X & Graham Wellington

MEGA Championship

Jackson Stone (c) v. Derek Direction (w/ Weird World)

Worldwide introduces Direction. He mid-section is taped up.

He tells a story about going to a gentleman’s club. The dancer broke his ribs. He reveals that it was Stone’s “momma.”

Stone comes out all about the business at hand. He starts rifling Direction with suplexes.

The two are brawling at ringside. Stone runs over Weird Body.

Finally, Direction takes the upperhand in the match.

Direction: “I’m the ‘Suplex Papi.'”

Weird Body chokes Storm on the bottom rope.

Stone wrecks Direction with an overhead belly-to-belly.

The two are toe-to-toe and taking chops.

Stone fires off two belly-to-back suplexes.

Direction hits a sunset flip into the corner.

Stone: spinebuster.

Direction hits a Lionsault.

Stone scores with yet another German suplex. He hits the “Pounce” followed by the pin to retain his championship.

Winner: Jackson Stone

MEGA Tag Team Championship

PM Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) v. Handicapped Heroes (Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen)

Before the bell, Iron cuts a promo about winning the championship.

Tenaglia pins Gowen after a double-team move to retain.

Fudo and Daniel C. Rockingham jump the champions after the match. The Handicapped Heroes make the save.

Winners: PM Experience

Random Observations

-This was one the Bearded Bastards second or third match as a duo. The two fit well together. Not only do they have complimentary looks, but they have the same raw-boned attitude. They “make sense” as a tandem. Plus, I’m a sucker for throwback acts. With a noticeable deficit of regular tag teams in NE Ohio, there is a real opportunity for these two.

-Shawn Phoenix’s fire-breathing bit during his ring entrance is cool. I don’t know of anyone else on the indies currently doing it.

-The large contingent of Taino’s family in attendance really added to the atmosphere of the match. (And his costume and body paint are really cool.) However, the logic of having the heels at the disadvantage in a handicap match and STILL going over is beyond me.

-Stone and Direction were awesome together. They showed intensity and fire in the ring. Plus, they beat the hell out of each other. Each man clearly wanted the title, thus making the match and championship feel important. Personally, I was hoping to see Direction go over. I think there are some interesting stories to tell with him as the central figure of the company.

-Man, it is really crazy to see how much Gowen is able to do in the ring. He versatility has expanded exponentially over the years.

-And Greg Iron is a machine. Earlier in the day, he worked commentary on a show in Indiana. He then made the 5+ hour drive back to Ohio just in time to work this show. I know that is part of the game when you are an indy wrestler and that tons of workers do it every weekend, but I think the motivation he exhibits should still be noted.

Mega Championship Wrestling’s next event (“A Sign of Respect”) is November 11, 2017.

Click HERE for match and ticket information.

Special thanks to Derek Magrum of Stay Tuff for use of his terrific photographs. Check out to see all his great apparel designs. (Pro tip: Stay Tuff hats are dope as hell.)

-Ted Zep

Coming to “A Sign of Respect”


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