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Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling: Anniversary (2017)


(Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling – St. John’s Byzantine Catholic Church Hall – Parma, Ohio – November 11, 2017)

Main Card

“Battle for the Golden Ticket”

12-Person Tag Team Match

*One fall to a finish. The winner of the fall will be included as a participant in the CKCW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match later in the evening*

RC Dupree/Seth Allen/Pat Monix/Brandon Edwards/CPA/Ricky Mandel v. El Nazareno/Sonny Vice/Taya Valkyrie/OT Fernandez/Sicend/Mac Mayhem

Hot opener filled with lots of moving parts. At one point, partners were fighting over who got to make a pin attempt. This was logical considering the match stipulation.

Eventually, Sonny Vice pins CPA to win the match and move on the title match later in the evening.

Winners: SonnyVice/Taya Valkyrie/OT Fernandez/Sicend/Mac Mayhem/El Nazareno

Grudge Match

JD Smooth v. Luchasaurus

Smooth cuts a promo about not getting “respect,” while fans chant “hairy toothpick.”

Luchasaurus wins the bout in fairly short order after a chokeslam and pinfall. After the bell, he lays out Smooth with a wicked Tombstone piledriver.

Winner: Luchasaurus

CKCW’s next event is announced. It will take place Friday, February 9, 2018.

CKCW Women’s Championship

Vanilla Vargas (c) w/ Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion v. Miss Hannah

Vargas retained her championship with an awkward powerbomb.

I know that Hannah has managed in the area before, but this was my first time seeing her wrestle.

Winner: Vanilla Vargas

 Champion Wrestling Association World Championship (Puerto Rico)

Fatal Four-Way Match

Star Roger (c) v. Robbie E v. Mike Mendoza v. DJZ

This turns into a barnburner almost immediately. All four participants battle their way around the ring and into the audience. Former “Bromance” members DJZ and Robbie E briefly team up to help one another out…until E attacks his old buddy. After interference by Angel Fashion, Roger pins Mendoza following a Canadian Destroyer.

Winner: Star Roger

For February 9:

-a 7-man “Money in the Bank” ladder match

-Tracy Smothers

-Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian)

-Vanilla Vargas v. Holidead

-CKCW World Heavyweight Championship match: Kongo Kong v. the winner of this evening’s title bout

“Tokyo Monster” Kahagas v. Shawn Phoenix

Kahagas basically mugged his younger, less-experienced opponent. He pinned him cleanly in just under six minutes.

Winner: “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas

Triangle Flag Match

Rock-n-Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (United States) v. Team Storm (JaXon Argos & Jack Pollock) w/ RC Dupree (Canada) v. El Fenomeno BJ/Hiram Tua (Puerto Rico)

Argos starts the match on the microphone. He taunts the audience until they erupt into a furor.

The in-ring continues until the RNR’s double-tackle Argos and he is rolled up for the pin by Fenomeno.

Referee Dave Dawson runs to the back and comes back with to work United States flags for the celebration.

Winners: El Fenomeno BJ/Hiram Tua

“Badd Ass” Billy Gunn v. Joey Ryan

Gunn addresses the audience.

Ryan, who came out sucking on a lollipop, sticks it in the mouth of a willing young male fan. Ew.

Crowd: “This is wrestling!”

Eventually, Ryan hits the…err…”Dick Flip” for a two count.

Later, another sucker appears. As Gunn and Ryan struggle over it, they give up the scuffle and stuff it in the referee’s mouth. He wretches in the corner.

The match ends at the ten-minute mark when Gunn hits his “Fame-Ass-er” for the pin.

Gunn takes time and greats fan as his music plays.

Fan: “Hey, Billy, when are you coming back to Chikara?”

Gunn (jokingly): “I think they banned me…”

Winner: Billy Gunn

CKCW World Heavyweight Championship

Triple Threat Match for Vacant Title

J-Rocc (w/ UFC star Jessica “Evil” Eye & Darren Branch & Dave Kich) v. Angel Fashion v. Sonny Vice

Interviewer Jeff Gorman interviews Sonny Vice before the bell. Vice talks about overcoming the odds to become champion.

J-Rocc is introduced by his personal ring announcer, Dave Kich. If you haven’t seen the tuxedo-clad Kich intro J-Rocc, you are missing out.

The trio battle for about 15-minutes before J-Rocc catches Vice in a piledriver. He pins Sonny Vice to become the CKCW World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

J-Rocc bellows, “I am the Greatest EVERRR!,” as he is presented the title belt by Kich.

Winner: J-Rocc


The final announcement for the 2/9 event is made. New storyline CKCW “co-owner” Eric Bischoff will be in attendance. He will “change the course of Cleveland wrestling history.” Not only is this the “big news,” it is a rather surprising booking.

CKCW Tag Team Championship

Steel Cage Match for the Vacant Championship

State Line (Damian Angel/Eddie Taurus) v. Heavy Artillery (Thunder/Lightning)

After a 20-minute break to construct the cage, this one ended quickly. All four men tore into each other at the bell. They quickly got “color.” Lightning pinned Taurus at about 6-minutes.

Winners: Thunder & Lightning

Final Thoughts

So, there are a couple big stories coming out of this show.

As far as perception, the announcement of Eric Bischoff as a storyline “co-owner” of the company is HUGE NEWS. Not only was he the architect of some of the biggest moments in WCW during the Monday Night War/Attitude Era, he is a terrific on-camera performer that will only provide huge dividends for the company. I’ve seen a number of wrestling news sites posting stories about the booking of Bischoff all day today. This has the potential to be the start of something big. The only question now is which Eric Bischoff shows up? The savvy businessman or the nefarious schemer? We will find out on Feb. 9th.

Secondly, the appearance of Jessica “Evil” Eye at tonight’s event. For those unfamiliar with J-Rocc, he is a scrappy brawler cut in the mold of a classic territory heel, though he has performed in such high-profile organizations as Ring of Honor and TNA/Impact Wrestling. He is barrel-chested, ham-fisted and has the gift of gab that enrages fans and sells tickets with the hope in fans of seeing him catch a beating.

Jessica “Evil” Eye is an MMA fighter from Independence, OH. She famously faced Bethe Correia at UFC 203 in Cleveland last year. She and J-Rocc are friends and have trained together a handful of times.

J-Rocc’s entrance package tonight was not only cool, but effective. The trio of Dave Kich (personal announcer), Eye (a noted UFC fighter) and Darren Branch (a pupil of UFC legend Royce Gracie) made J-Rocc feel like a big deal and on their level. That rub is transferred to the championship by virtue of him holding it. Toss in the acquisition of “Easy E” by the company, and, well, that’s how forest fires start. Stay tuned…

The Rest of the Card…

Though a year old, this was my first CKCW event. Scheduling conflicts have always prevented me from attending. That being said, I thought it was a good show. The bookers use an interesting mix of talent from Puerto Rico and TNA,  as well as legends and some choice local talent.

The Rock-n-Roll Express looked strong in their match. Though time has slowed them down a few steps physically, they still have all the charisma that propelled them to stardom in the 80s.

Team Storm is one of the brightest young trios in the tri-state area. Trained by Lance Storm, the faction has set Pittsburgh on fire. Jack Pollock is an ace in the ring and JaXon Argos is a demon on the mic. RC Dupree is the mysterious artist who always comes through for his teammates in a pinch.

Gunn and Ryan were a ton of fun. The pairing is so natural that my friends and I were trying to figure out if this could possibly be the first time the two have met in the ring. At 54, Billy Gunn is in tremendous shape and exhibits every ounce of charisma that took him to the top of the World Wrestling Federation.

If I was to name an issue I had with the show, it would be that the doors opened over an hour after the advertised time. Later in the evening, I ran into one of the event organizers. He explained that production issues were the reason for the delay. I certainly understand that stuff like that happens, but I also firmly believe that this must be anticipated and taken into account by the staff and plans must be in place for such occurrences. (If for no other reason than it seems to sap the intensity and energy from the live crowd before a single match has taken the ring.) Was it the end of the world? Heck no. It is, however, something to be addressed in the future.

Overall, this was a fun show. The venue was clean and spacious. CKCW constructed an event filled with a spectrum of diverse talent, recognizable names and newsworthy surprises. Two new champions were crowned to cap the organization’s first year of existence. The CKCW creative staff unquestionably have a plan in place for 2018. The time is now for fans to jump on because I suspect it is going to be one helluva ride.

For more information about upcoming events, visit Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling on Facebook and Twitter.

-Ted Zep

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