Busk Until Dusk (2018): A Preview of Akron’s Most Exciting Music Series


Photo Credit: Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance

Busk Until Dusk (2018): A Preview of Akron’s Most Exciting Music Series


Busk (Noun)

1. Perform music or other entertainment in the street or another public place for monetary donations.

The Event

May 4th is the kick off of the inaugural Kenmore summer free music series, Busk Until Dusk. Held on the first Friday of each month on the sidewalks lining historic Kenmore Boulevard, the events are designed to be a celebration of music, food, and community.

I recently spoke with event coordinator Jason Chamberlain to learn more about the series.

What is your background in music?

I used to be a touring and local musician for 20 years. I was signed to two different labels in my time. I have been a live event soundman for about a decade. I was also a recording engineer, as well as a concert promoter.

What’s the genesis of the idea for Busk Until Dusk?

The idea of Busk Until Dusk came from Kenmore Better Block last September when we had buskers playing on the sidewalks. According to the research that was done, it was one of the top activities people enjoyed.

What are some challenges you have met in preparation for Friday?

The hardest part is finding vendors. It is something new to me. I joined vendor groups on Facebook to reach out (to find potential merchants.) Finding musicians was easy given the fact that I work at a music store.

How has Kenmore changed in the last year?

The biggest change I have noticed has been the sense of community. As a resident and employee of the area, I have heard a lot of talk like “You know what they should do…” or “Things would be better if….” Well, all that talk did nothing. People are now coming together and making changes under the leadership of Tina Boyes, chief director of the Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance.

Talk a little about a couple of the scheduled acts?

A plethora of extremely talented artists signed-up for these events.  I have personally chosen some of the area’s top musicians. We have Ryan Jones of The Buck Naked Band (who are a huge draw in Akron and Canton) playing some of his originals, plus a few covers. Kicking off the entire thing will be The Susan Marie Project, who are just stunning players. Susan Marie has the (most engaging) voice you are going to hear around these parts. In August, we are having what I have dubbed “Owners Night,” which will feature all Kenmore business owners. Keep an eye out for Nate Vaill from the Rialto Theater, Jim Ballard of Skyline Studios, Zach of the Big Love Network and Thomas Kincaid of Studio 1008.

Will there be food or other entertainment?

Food for the first and third month will be provided by Helm’s Barbeque,  whose owner is a resident of Kenmore. Also joining us throughout the summer will be Flamingo Jack’s Food Truck and King Bubba’s Ribs, cooking on a unique grill made from the back half of an old 1950’s car. Kenmore Kreative will be providing activities for children.

Why should people come down this Friday?

Simple, it’s free entertainment that is fun for the whole family. It is a chance to grab a bite to eat while you watch incredibly talented artists and enjoy the outdoors. Many of the local businesses will be staying open for these events so you will also get a chance to visit them as well.

Busk Until Dusk will run from 6:30p until 8:30p along Kenmore Boulevard on the first Friday of each month for the entire summer. The event is FREE to attend.

Event coordinators recommend parking at the Kenmore Branch Library (969 Kenmore Blvd.) or in the lot behind the Dragon’s Mantle (962 Kenmore Blvd.).

Watch the video below for more information:


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