RSW: Riddle Me This (2018)


(Promotion: Real Shoot Wrestling – Location: Brook Park Recreation Center, Brook Park, OH – Date: July 20, 2018)


*Note: The doors were advertised to open at 6 PM with the show starting at 7 PM. It didn’t start until 7:30. I’m a bit of a stickler for shows beginning on time and will point out when they don’t. When a company is trying to establish themselves in a new market, it is important for them to put their best foot forward to entice fans to return. Something to keep in mind.


Main Card

#1 Contendership

Matt Conard defeated Andrew Palace

This was a serviceable opening encounter. Palace rocketed to ringside in his usual high-energy manner. After some back-and-forth, Conard connected with an inverted DDT for the win. Conard will receive his choice at a shot at either the Ohio or West Virginia Grand Championships at a future date.

6-Man Tag Team Encounter

Shark Boy/Razorsharpe/Adam Thomas defeated Chase Winters/JD Smooth/Kenny Urban

Winters and Urban have good looks and tried hard during their segments of the match. The scrawny Smooth relies on goading the audience into chanting “Hairy Toothpick” at him. I’ve seen him enough times to know that it generally works, but it’s X-Pac heat and is a real drag.

Shark Boy, Razorsharpe and Thomas hit synchronized stunners on their opponents and pinned them simultaneously for the win. The “hairy toothpick” chants sucked any and all fun out of this match. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

RSW Internet Championship

Chance Rizer (c) defeated James Ryan to retain the title

Rizer bills himself as being from Portland, OR and works a smarmy millennial hipster gimmick. He comes to ringside wearing a comfy grandpa sweater and sipping coffee from a Starbucks cup. I like the gimmick but would like to see him go further with it. During the match he wears a basic singlet, I’d like to see him get some in-ring gear more in line with the hipster element of his character. Otherwise, he did a good job.

Ryan was flipping and flying and did his best to rally the audience behind him.

Triple Threat

RSW Tag Team Championship

Chaos Theory (Jack Manic & Dustin Alexander) defeated The Two Kings (TL Andrews & Tyler Voxx) (c)  and James Anthony & Garrett Coleman for the championship

This match was a bit of a blur. There was action constantly going on all over the place and it didn’t feel particularly cohesive.


RSW West Virginia Grand Championship

Zac Vincent retained the title over Mickey Fulp

Vincent caught Fulp with a moonsault for the “W.” This was another snoozer.

Laura Loveless defeated Ray Lyn Bostic via armbar submission

This was the first really fun match of the night. Loveless came to ringside sporting a pair of wings. Bostic came out in stellar condition, wearing a big smile. She looked like a million bucks.

The two fighters have noticeably improved mechanically over the last couple years. They fought in and out of the ring. Both were good at working the crowd.

This was a nice little outing.

Fatal 4-Way

RSW Ohio Grand Championship

Bruce Grey defeated Tim Horner Jr. (c), Jock Samson and J-Rocc to win the title

Originally scheduled to be a 3-Way, J-Rocc came out before the bell and basically inserted himself into the match.

This was a blast. Jock Samson has charisma to spare and antagonized the audience at every possible opportunity.

J-Rocc was stiff and punishing as always with his offense.

Eventually, Samson and Horner brawled their way to the locker room, leaving Grey and J-Rocc to duke it out. Grey caught J-Rocc with a DDT to secure the championship.

Main Event

Chris LeRusso defeated Matt Riddle

Considering this is a lower-profile indy company and they were playing to a modest crowd of maybe 150 fans, it wasn’t unthinkable that Matt Riddle might take the night off and “call in” the match. That he did not do.

This match was terrific. Filled with loads of strikes, counters, false finishes and referee bumps, Riddle and LeRusso put on a tense, dramatic and thoroughly fun match. Chris LeRusso might not pop immediate name recognition with the casual fan, but the guy works hard and can really go. And Matt Riddle is a future superstar on the rise. He is charming, athletic and palpably cool.

After a bunch of shenanigans, LeRusso caught the former UFC fighter with superkick, putting him down for a three-count.  My friends and I were shocked. This was more than a mild upset. Riddle took the loss like a man and LeRusso got a huge notch on his belt for this one.


The last three matches saved this show. I felt my energy and interest crashing after the WV Grand Championship match. However, the final trio of matches rocketed the energy in the room waaay up, ending it on a high note.

A return date was announced for October 6.


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