AIW: Absolution X (2015)


(Promotion: Absolute Intense Wrestling – Location: Ohio City Masonic Arts Center, Cleveland, OH – Date: Friday, July 10, 2015- Belltime: 7:30 PM)

Once again, I reach back into my stack of reporter’s notebooks to publish my accounting of Absolution X, AIW’s biggest show in 2015. With a stacked multi-man tag team main event filled with some of the biggest present-day stars in the business, this is one of the most memorable shows in company history. (Later that same weekend, I ran into AIW co-owner Chandler Biggins at a show. He told me that the cost of JUST the main event match was in excess of $10,000. He said that he and John Thorne stopped keeping track of the cost after a certain point so they wouldn’t make themselves sick.)

So sit back and enjoy Absolution X.

(Note: These thumbnails were originally intended for publication so they may not be as detailed as my current show reviews are.)

Main Card

Pedro DeLuca opened the evening. He greeted and thanked the crowd for coming. He told the audience that this is his final show as an announcer, which garnered a huge pop.

Iron Curtain (Gregory Iron/Benjamin Boone/Jerry/Joey Vincent Martini) v. AIW Students (Brian Carson/Frankie Flynn/Joshua Singh/Kaplan)

This was a wild brawl. Much to the chagrin/delight of the audience, Iron spent most of the match with his trunks down. The bout was filled with loads of spots. The students were all given a chance to shine during the match. This was a great debut for them. Eventually, Iron pinned Singh. This one may have run a few minutes too long.

Winners: Iron Curtain

Big Van Vader comes out at the conclusion of the match and demolishes the Iron Curtain. He poses with Singh and the rest of the babyfaces.

AIW Women’s Championship

Veda Scott (c) v. Athena

This was a stiff, hard-hitting encounter. Athena (currently “Ember Moon” in the WWE) started the match by diving into Scott three times, repeatedly driving her into the barrier. Things only got more physical from there. Ultimately, Athena scored the pin to win the title.

Winner and New Champion: Athena

AIW Intense Championship

Davey Vega (c) v. BJ Whitmer

Early on, Whitmer chopped the hell out of the champion. Later, BJ hit a nasty “Corkscrew Fisherman’s Suplex.” Vega retained after a “Ghetto Stomp.”

Winner: Davey Vega

“I Quit” Match

Eddie Kingston (w/ The Duke) v. Ethan Page

This was a wild, wild match involving tables, chairs and a chain. Kingston eventually submitted when Page used a reel of barbed wire to gain the victory.

Winner: Ethan Page


AIW Tag Team Championship

To Infinity & Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech) (c) v. Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tyson Dux & Tracy Williams) 

Cheech pinned Williams to retain. Solid, competitive match.

Winners: To Infinity & Beyond

Six-Pack Scramble

Candice LeRae v. Cedric Alexander v. Louis Lyndon v. Flip Kendrick v. Tyler Thomas v. ACH

Louis Lyndon won after forcing LeRae to submit. This was a crazy, high-energy spotfest. The finish definitely felt odd.

Winner: Louis Lyndon

Anything Goes Match

Tim Donst v. Nick Gage

Thumbtacks. Guardrails. Sweat. Blood. This was a brutal match. Donst won with—of all things—a small package. Great match. So good to have Tim Fuckin’ Donst back.

Winner: Tim Donst

Absolute Championship

Josh Alexander (c) v. Rickey Shane Page

This was two big bulls trading leather.

Alexander feigned a neck injury, allowing him to get a flash pin on Page. However, the match was restarted. A “Roaring Elbow” and a piledriver later and RSP is the new AIW Absolute Champion. Dude deserves it.

Winner and New Champion: Rickey Shane Page

Cleveland Street Fight

Dudes on TV (TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III/Samoa Joe/DJZ/Raymond Rowe/Matt Cross) v. Team AIW (Johnny Gargano/Josh Prohibition/Alex Daniels/The Young Bucks)

This was a once-in-a-lifetime match featuring talent from AIW, TNA, Ring of Honor, NXT, Dragon Gate USA, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Carter was announced first. He declared that he was so confident that his team would win that he would, indeed, “suck it”—playing off the Young Bucks’ popular catchphrase—if his team lost.

The bout exploded at the opening bell. All ten men merged into a tornado of flying fists and bodies. There was one cool and/or brutal spot after another. It was so fun to watch the various combinations of talent pair off. Daniels is the least experienced of any member of either team, but I was happy to see that he held his own. It was a gamble including him in the match, but he didn’t disappoint. The melee ended with a double “IndyTaker” (Spike Tombstone Piledriver), resulting in Rowe getting pinned.

Carter immediately announced that he would not deliver on his promise to “suck it” and tried to escape to the back. Joe blocked his way, briefly locking him in a standing Kokina Clutch, and tossed him in the ring where he was forced to “suck it” on Gargano, referee Jake Clemons and the retiring Pedro DeLuca.

This was such a neat, unique, fun match that literally oozed star power. It was a real treat to be able to witness it.

Prohibition said some kind words about DeLuca’s contribution to the company over the years. Pedro got on the microphone and made his final goodbyes. The NE Ohio wrestling scene will be sorely lacking by his absence.

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