TNA Impact Live Event Results – Akron (2012)


(Promotion: TNA Impact – Location – Akron Civic Theatre (Akron, OH) – Attendance: 500+ – Date: July 29, 2012)


Note: This review is yet another in a series focusing on shows that I attended prior to launching Super No Bueno.  This TNA house show took place in my hometown of Akron, Ohio at the Akron Civic Theatre. The Civic is a gorgeous structure that started its life as a Loew’s Theatre back in the 1920s. It now hosts concerts, live productions, graduations and the occasional film screening. The original pipe organ is still operational and is often played before select events. As a child, I recall WrestleMania III being shown via closed-circuit television at The Civic. And I have a newspaper clipping advertising an independent show run there in the early-90s that was headlined by Bobo Brazil vs. either the Sheik or Abdullah the Butcher. If I find the advertisement I’ll amend this review with it. 

Main Card

Kurt Angle won a battle royale, enabling him to receive a world title match later in the evening.

Ms. Tessmacher (Mmm…Ms. Tessmacher) defeated Madison Rayne to retain the Knockout’s title.

Mr. Anderson defeated Brutus Magnus by submission in a Bound for Glory Series match. This earned him 10 pts in the standings. Anderson did a great job working the crowd before and after the bout. Magnus is a tremendous heel. Check out his work in Ring Ka King.

Joseph Park Esq. was brought up from the crowd for an in-ring interview. TNA tag champs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian interrupted him. My to the audience’s delight, Park “put up his dukes” to defend himself. D-Von Dudley and Garrett Bischoff ran in for the save, which lead to a tag team match.

-Kazarian and Daniels pinned Bischoff to retain the tag titles. Bischoff got his ass beaten for most of the match, as he should have.

-Intermission. Earl Hebner and Ms. Tessmacher (Mmm…Ms. Tessmacher) signed autographs in the lobby. Tessmacher’s line stretched from the merch table all the way to the stage. Intermission lasted roughly 20-minutes.

Bobby Roode pinned Rob Van Dam after a spear. Roode is great. I love that he wears a suit and tie for interviews, comes out in a traditional wrestling robe for matches and uses old-school psychology at house shows. RVD has slowed noticeably. He is definitely not the same performer anymore.

Jeff Hardy beat “The Pope” Angelo Dinero. Hardy ventured far out into the audience to greet fans during his ring entrance…but his effort for the evening stopped there. He botched a “Swanton” off the top rope before hitting a “Twist of Fate” for the win. I really don’t get why Dinero isn’t a much bigger star. I think he is superb in the ring and on the mic.

“A Double” Austin Aries retained the TNA World Championship with a pinfall victory over Kurt Angle. Nice match. Both guys worked hard. I had to cringe when Angle took a brainbuster. Dude is crazy. I was excited to see Aries perform live as the champion. I was a big fan of his second run as Ring of Honor champ. He is one of the most well-rounded performers int he business.

-Random notes: On my way into the venue, I was given a flyer for an upcoming Unda Ground Wrestling event. On my way out, I got one for the next installment of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s forthcoming “Girls Night Out” series. Which, incidentally, are always fantastic. It’s good to see local companies out there hustling.

-Ted Zep

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