Guinness World Record Battle Royale (2018)


(Promotions: Diamond Entertainment & MEGA Championship Wrestling – Location: Diamnondplex – Benwood, WV – Date: September 2, 2018)


When I first heard rumblings about this show many months ago, it was going to be a 24-hour battle royale and, I believe, it was supposed to be a charity event. When it came back on my radar it was being advertised as a world record attempt. Promoter Rikk Diamond submitted the event for Guinness consideration in the spring and was contacted by the organization in the summer about proceeding. Guinness required that all footage of the battle royale be submitted for approval for inclusion in the prestigious record book.

Leading into the show, the event garnered attention from local press.


Main Card

Upon arrival, the “Diamondplex” didn’t inspire much confidence. The former junior high school has clearly seen better days. Nestled in next to a residential neighborhood composed of more than one house displaying a Confederate flag in the front yard, the venue is large but beaten down. Cars are haphazardly parked in the gravel lot akin to the structure. There are filthy easy chairs and a Port-o-Potty along the perimeter of the building. The interior isn’t much better. It is dingy and wartorn…and blisteringly hot. Merchandise table tables were set up so the talent could sell t-shirts, DVDs and wrestling magazines. A sign at the main table advertised that raffle tickets were for sale. The prize? A gun. Three rings were constructed in a row to accommodate the 109 battle royale participants.


The ring announcer addressed the audience just after the advertised start time of 4 pm. The show begins with the battle royale. Shawn Blaze was out first. He was soon followed by Bouncer, Dirty Tom, Fudo, Andrew Palace, Al Fredo, Chuck the Truck, Danny Spitfire, Cisco Silver, Paxton Calloway, Jami Jamison, and dozens of others.

Shawn Phoenix scaled a tower built in one corner of the center ring. He started the match up there.

Introductions ended at 4:19 pm. Mayhem broke out upon the opening bell. Shawn Blaze tried desperately to get Phoenix down from the tower, but Phoenix eluded him. Eventually, he dove down upon a group of unsuspecting opponents.


Fudo was out early. Brandon X was out soon after. Then Bill Rose. The eliminations were steady and consistent.

Kip Paige is out at the brawling ripples between the rings.

The diminutive Buddy the Bulldog got a thorough thumping.

Victor Benjamin and the fetching Lady Frost protected each other amidst the chaos.

Buddy the Bulldog is the sole wrestler in the ring to my left.

Lady Frost is out. Benjamin murdered opponents with kicks.

Beastman and Officer Dan Murphy are left in one of the rings.

Keith Haught is out.

Beastman eliminated Murphy.

The action is down to two rings.

Beastman got tangled in the ropes on his way to being eliminated.

In a shocker, Buddy the Bulldog ousted Victor Benjamin.

Blaze is out after being superkicked.

The match is down to five participants. Buddy is surrounded. BROhemoth put Buddy through the second rope, eliminating him…presumably because of his size.

Crowd: “That was la-zy!”

BROhemoth eliminated the remaining competitors for the victory at approximately the 30-minute mark.

A handful of wrestlers come from the locker room to congratulate him.

It felt a bit anti-climatic for a couple reasons. For one, battle royale opened the show instead of closing it. And secondly, no Guinness official was present to certify the event. That, however, can’t be blamed on the promoter.

Winner: BROhemoth


Black Diamond Tag Team Championship

Six-Team Tornado Tag Match

MTOsha (c) v. 24/7 v. Bearded Bastards v. STDs v. LSD v. Canadian Content

MTOsha start the match by taking the microphone and announcing the license plate numbers of cars that need to be moved in the parking lot.

Two teams square off in each of the three rings. In the ring to my left, 24/7 v. Bearded Bastards. Center ring, STDs v. MTOsha. Right ring, LSD v. Canadian Content.

This match is pretty much a mess. It is more like the battle royale than a wrestling match that tells any sort of story. At one point, my friend leaned over and asked me “What is going on?”

To further complicate the match, there was ONE referee covering the THREE rings of action. There was so much going on that he was barely able to keep up with pin attempts.

Eventually, MTOsha pinned one of the members of LSD to retain the championship.

This match was a bit of a dud.

Winners: MTOsha


The heat in the building has gotten intense.


Super Heavyweight Showdown

Jack Massacre v. BROhemoth v. Kalam v. Gino DeCapo v. Jami Jamison v. Paxton Calloway v. Beastman v. Buddy the Bulldog v. Chris Cole

-Beastman pinned Bulldog.

-Kalam pinned Cole.

-Massacre pinned Kalam.

-Calloway pinned DeCapo.

-Massacre chokeslammed and pinned Beastman.

-BROhemoth F5’d Jamison and pinned him.

-Massacre pinned BROhemoth.

-Calloway chokeslammed Massacre for the pin.

I’ve never seen more chokeslams in a single match. This one was excruciatingly paced.

Winner: Paxton Calloway


Interpromotional Tower of Terror Match

Gavin Jacobs v. Chuck the Truck v. Shawn Blaze v. Trace Matthews v. Balla v. Shawn Phoenix v. Bryan Cruz v. Mickey Mavis v. Bouncer v. David Lawless v. Lucio Deveer v. Deke Mercer v. Victor Benjamin v. Jay Flash v. Lady Frost v. Espiritu Maya v. Ashton Day v. Keith Haught

There is a belt hung about halfway up the tower that Phoenix had scaled to open the battle royale.

This match is a melee of chaotic action as a number of competitors attempt to climb the “tower” to retrieve the belt.

Benjamin and Frost stalk the perimeter of the ring. When they eventually do become involved, Benjamin accidentally decks Frost. He carries her toward the locker room.

Eventually, “Tricky” Mickey Mavis retrieves the belt from its perch. After a brief tug-of-war with Keith Haught, Mavis is declared the winner.

It probably would have been the highlight of this match if Phoenix would have saved his big dive in the battle royale for this match instead. Otherwise, this was amplified disorder.

Winner: “Tricky” Mickey Mavis


Intergender Warfare

Team Pennsylvania (Andrew Palace/Chris LeRusso/Dan Murphy/Katie Arquette) v. Team Ohio (Jackson Stone/Brandon X/Cisco Silver/Joseline Navarro)

The ring announcer mistakenly introduced Cisco Silver as “Psycho” Silver. I dunno, I kinda like it.

Palace wasn’t introduced at all.

The women start the match. They soon tumble to the floor.

There is a nice exchange between Silver and Palace.

LeRusso and Brandon X work through a sequence of chain wrestling.

Palace tickled (???) Silver.

Stone accidentally Pounced Silver.

Officer Murphy is in.

Brandon X: “F the police!”

Palace curb stomps X for a two-count.

Navarro gave a fisherman neckbreaker to Palace.

Silver pinned Chris LeRusso with a Sunset Flip to garner the win for Team Ohio.

Winners: Team Ohio

LeRusso gets on the microphone after the bell. He reiterates the accomplishment of getting 21 promotions and performers from five states to participate in the event. Rikk Diamond is out and makes a few remarks.

LeRusso puts over the event and shakes hands with Brandon X.

There was no indication how long it will take for the Guinness staff to certify the event.

Diamond announces a “Fans-Bring-the-Weapons” match on October 7. Jackson Stone plugs the next MEGA Championship Wrestling event.



This was essentially a fun event. The venue is a bit ramshackle and it was swelteringly hot, but the participants were clearly stoked and showed up to work.  BROhemoth was an interesting, if not unexpected choice to win the battle royale. Hopefully, he is savvy enough to maneuver the victory into some sort of momentum for his career.

Due to the layout of the building, it was difficult to take a headcount of the audience. However, they were definitely a “wrasslin'” crowd as opposed to smart marks. I’ll take a room full of kids and wrestling fans over smarks on any day.

Diamond and his associates didn’t do a good job making the event feel “big” as it happened. I have been to other Guinness record attempts (World’s Largest Pie Fight and World’s Largest Crowd Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”) and each had far more sizzle. They felt like something momentous. This just felt like another indie event once the show started. Also, opening with the battle royale dampened any anticipation or excitement. It’s a shame because this truly could have had a unique aura.

For more information about Black Diamond Wrestling, visit them on Facebook.

MEGA Championship Wrestling can be found HERE.

Click HERE to learn more about the Guinness Book of World Records.

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