Interview with Appalachian Mountain Wrestling’s Kyle Maggard


By contributor Jesse Pratt


35-year-old Kyle Maggard has been a fixture on the independent wrestling scene for over a decade. The Hazard, KY native debuted in 2002 after being trained by John Noble and Eddie Browning. Currently a key figure in Appalachian Mountain Wrestling (AMW), Super No Bueno’s Jesse Pratt recently spoke to him about his career.

The Interview

Jesse Pratt: You have been a mainstay for Appalachian Mountain Wrestling (AMW) since its inception roughly two years ago. Can you give us a little bit of history behind the formation of the promotion and how you got involved?

Kyle Maggard: The main office is based out of Hazard, Ky. They contacted me and asked me if I wanted to wrestle. To my knowledge, AMW was from to bring back great traditional wrestling to the area. A lot like Smoky mountain and ICW which ran events all across this region. I like being there because of all the community service work we do. You do not see many promotions giving back like AMW does. Plus, the number of towns/ cities/communities we run. Most independent wrestling promotions only wrestle in 1-2 towns. AMW has been in 50.

What was your favorite promotion to watch growing up and who were some of your favorite wrestlers from said promotion?

Probably Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) or the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). I was a Sting and Ric Flair fan.

What has been your favorite match in AMW?

I was in a street fight match with Stan Sierra at Chavies Elementary School. That is where I went to school from K-8. It was a heck of a fight. (It is on the Hardwired DVD.) Shortly after that match, the school was closed down.

Who has been your favorite opponent and/or feud?

I’ve always enjoyed wrestling Stan Sierra. It seems like we bring the best out of one another.

Do you have a favorite town in which to wrestle?

They’re all great towns. The AMW fans, in general, are tremendous. They show us a world of support which is very humbling. I’m grateful for it.


Former WWE wrestler Al Snow occasionally wrestles for AMW; are there any stories you’d like to share about your experiences working with Al?

I’ll just say he’s great. During the time I’ve spent with him talking about wrestling I’ve been able to learn a lot. One of the best wrestling minds there is.

When I finally get the pleasure to travel to the southeastern part of Kentucky to attend an AMW live event in person, where can I go to enjoy a great meal during my stay?

It just depends on the town you’re in. I can recommend several places. One is the
Big Blue Smokehouse in Hazard.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t lose money.

Any words for rival Daniel Richards?

I think my Last Man Standing match with him at SUMMERBASH is words enough. LOL.

Streaming services have become more and more popular in today’s world, and professional wrestling is no exception. AMW recently announced the launch of its streaming service, which can be found at Would you care to describe what this network provides and how folks can sign up for it?

This network gives wrestling fans the ability to watch all the episodes of AMW Television and our live iPPV events. Exclusive live events and matches from live events that won’t be seen anywhere else. Plus, other promotions have granted us access to their videos from all over the globe. It’s loaded with tons of great wrestling.

Where can fans go to stay caught up with your work?

I’m on Facebook at Pro Wrestler Kyle Maggard.  I can also be found on Instagram and Twitter at @kmaggard35.

-Jesse Pratt

(Jesse Pratt is a lifelong wrestling fan. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of 1997-1998 WWF. He once narrowly avoided fisticuffs with Tyler Black at a Chipotle in Dayton.)

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