Mid-Ohio Wrestling (September 20, 2014)


(Promotion: Mid-Ohio Wrestling – Location: Tadmor Shrine, Akron, Ohio – Date: September 20, 2014)

Main Card

-The Meekins (Mike Jeff) defeated Sless Taylor & Papa Dingo when Mike pinned Taylor. Dingo and Taylor had a falling out, leading the savage to splash Taylor from off the top rope. This was a really fun match.

-The Duke Broderick Shaw beat The Hall of Fame City Hitmen (Sherman Tank Joey Vengeance) after Duke whacked Tank with his Alpha Beta Duke fraternity paddle. (At the start of the match, Mama White got PISSED when The Duke called into question the fashion sense of ring announcer Cody White.

-Bryan Castle bested Levi Connors via pinfall win the opportunity to compete for any singles title in MOW at a future date.

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-Tommy Chill (c) retained the MOW Championship after referee “J-Hawk” muffed the finish, which leads to Matt Cross (AKA: Son of Havoc of Lucha Underground) being pinned (due to a quick count by replacement ref Tom Dunn.)

-“The Living Nightmare” Jimmie Lee defeated Izzy Lambert by disqualification after a low-blow by Lambert.

Wilbur Whitlock defeated Patrick Hayes (c) for the MOW Tri-County Championship in an action-packed bout.

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