Mid-Ohio Wrestling: Back To School Brawl (2015)

(Promotion: Mid-Ohio Wrestling – Venue: Tadmor Shrine – Location: Akron, OH – Date: September 5, 2015 – Belltime: 7 pm)

Main Card

-Cody White opens the show. Jeff Meekins comes out and lauds “The Mutiny” for having “ruthless aggression.”

-The Mutiny v. Ryan Chambers, Wicked, Jimmie Lee and the Purple Hooter in a 4-on-5 handicap match. Charles Ghanniccus pinned Lee with a corkscrew bodypress.

-Alex Matthews v. Izzy Lambert. Prior to the event, Lambert agreed to retire if he lost. This was an even match with lots and lots and lots of two-counts. There were plenty of distractions by White. Lambert wins with a cradle brainbuster and pin.

-My friend (and show sponsor) Dr. Ron Graham gave an anti-bullying presentation and then presented photographer Wayne Palmer with a plaque for his contributions to the local wrestling scene.

-Tommy Chill v. Wilbur Whitlock. Time limit draw. There was some creative timekeeping during this bout. The match was then restarted by White but then referee Tom Dunn walked out before they locked up, effectively terminating the match. It was a weird and awkward finish.


– The Duke v. Jeff Meekins. The Duke called out Ron and cut a promo about Meekins and The Mutiny being bullies. The match ended in a count-out when Meekins refused to return to the ring. Another bad finish. The Mutiny then came out, surrounding The Duke in the ring. They mugged Duke while the bell rang. Lee ran in for the save, spraying red mist in Ghannicus’ face. Lee and Duke are now pals. Aww…

-Mid-Ohio Wrestling Tri-County Championship: Sless Taylor v. JJ DeVille (c). Taylor took a nasty neck bump early in the match after a botched move. DeVille was DQ’d for–I believe–not breaking when Taylor had his hand on the bottom rope. Another flat finish.

-MOW Heavyweight Championship: Ethan Wright v. Patrick Hayes (c) w/ Mr. D. Frogsplash/pin to retain.

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