The Earworm: A Reader Playlist Spotlight on Troy Thomas

Playlist: Troy Thomas

The Assignment

A number of months ago, I posed the following question to the readers of Super No Bueno: If you could describe your musical taste in three songs, what would they be? A seemingly simple question that is actually deceptively hard. (Hell, I’m still mulling over MY answer.) One person who did not have to ponder long was reader Troy Thomas. To refer to Troy as simply a “reader” is a massive inaccuracy because he is one of my closest friends. Years ago, Troy and I worked together and were roommates. While we now live a state apart and haven’t physically seen each other in years, we have the kind of friendship in which when we do talk or text it’s like we’d just spoken last that morning. Count yourself fortunate if you ever find that kinda pal. He’s a Classic Rock guy with a penchant for the Blues. The names on his list didn’t shock me in the least. Troy likes guitar-based rock with just a little bit of stank on it.

Read on to get to know him a bit better…

The Playlist

The Rolling Stones: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”

Just plain dirty. It’s from my favorite album Sticky Fingers. They thought the recording stopped after two and a half minutes and just kept jamming, not knowing it was going on tape. Bobby Keys’ sax solo mixed in with Charlie Watts’ jazz-style drumming just melts me. The better the sound system the more you can hear every guy playing their part. They each take turns to let one another stand out. (Studio version click HERE.)

Stevie Ray Vaughan: “Riviera Paradise”

Stevie Ray Vaughan can take me places I never knew existed. This roller coaster masterpiece has every emotion covered in eight minutes. It’s fitting it’s the last track on his last album before his death. Leave ‘em always wanting to come back for more. Fly high SRV… (Studio version click HERE.)

The Doors “L.A. Woman”

A three-piece band that fills up the sound waves like it’s high tide at Venice Beach. Mr. Mojo Risin, himself, was at his peak perhaps knowing this was the last act of a five-year magical ride. You simply cannot drive the speed limit when this song is on the radio.  The whole L.A. Woman album is a very underrated blues recording.

Note: I truly have called you some names for only allowing three songs but it made me cram in some great music the last few days. Down the rabbit hole, I tumbled for hours. I love how music makes me feel and prefer it over television. Thank you.

(Editor’s Note: Thank you, buddy!)

-Troy Thomas

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