NXT Cleveland (6/12/15)


(The Agora Theatre – Cleveland, Ohio – June 12, 2015 – 7:30)

Prior to the advent of Super No Bueno, I kept a notebook filled with results of shows I’d attended. The NXT live event from June of 2015 is one such show.


William Regal comes out to open the show with a ten-bell salute commemorating the passing of Dusty Rhodes.

Enzo Amore Big Cass set the crowd on fire with an electric ring entrance for their match with The Vaudevillains (Simon Gotch Aiden English). Amore pinned Gotch after a “Rocket Launcher.” Both teams hugged it out after the bell. I love me some Enzo & Cass.

Bull Dempsey v. Jason Jordan. “Who are you?” and “Let’s go, Maven!” chants for Jordan. Dempsey pinned Jordan after a seated drop to the chest off the top rope. Good match with solid mechanics. I’m shocked by how supportive the crowd is of Dempsey.

Baron Corbin v. Rhyno. “Cor-bin’s Hope-less!” chants early in the match. Corbin avoided a “Gore,” got a two-count, and finally hit the “End of Days” for the win. Rhyno gored him after the match to get his heat back. The crowd is resoundingly against Corbin.

Bayley Carmella v. Dana Brooke Emma. Emma submitted to a “Figure Four” neck lock by Carmella. The audience was hot but a bit rough on the women.


NXT Tag Team ChampionshipZack Ryder Mojo Rawley v. Wesley Blake Buddy Murphy (c) (w/ Alexa Bliss). Blake pinned Ryder after a “Frog Splash” to retain. Meh.

NXT Women’s ChampionshipCharlotte v. Sasha Banks (c). This was a great match filled with lots of counters and chain wrestling. Charlotte submitted to the “Bank Statement.” “That was awe-some!” chant as Banks left the ring. It’s a privilege to watch these two women work.

NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze v. Samoa Joe v. Finn Balor v. Kevin Owens (c). Wow. Wow. Wow. I got chills during the entrance of each man. I am such a mark. So many great spots. There was light comedy early, courtesy of Owens. The match was layered with combos and moves built on moves. Owens finally won after hitting Breeze with the “Pop-Up Powerbomb.” Joe and Balor faced nose-to-nose after the bout only to “Too Sweet” each other. These four men owned the live crowd. Helluva match.

-Ted Zep

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