Defend The Land: Red Rose Panic’s Blistering New Anthem for the Cleveland Cavaliers


Defend The Land

LeBron James is easily the most famous person from Akron, OH.—but he doesn’t hold the patent on talent for the city. For instance, local alt-hip-hop act Red Rose Panic has been tearing up the region for the better part of the last three years with their scorching live performances. Their latest effort, “Defend the Land,” is an infectious war song that pays tribute to “King James” and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I recently sat down with Red Rose Panic frontman Luminari XI to discuss the team and the song.

For those unfamiliar with Red Rose Panic, give everyone reading the basics about the band?

Red Rose Panic was originally a duo, formed in 2013.  We formed a full six-piece band in early 2014.  We classify our musical style as a “Dynamic Hip-Hop Band.”  We have an eclectic genre-bending element that consists of Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk and Jazz.

You’re from Akron, what does LeBron James mean to you as both a public figure AND as a guy who came up on the same streets as you?

It’s just extremely special.  Growing up and seeing him become a phenom throughout his high school years at St.V, you just knew he was something special that the world has never seen.  But even the best players that make it to the NBA don’t always become stars in the league. It’s just really insane to imagine that not only is he good, he’s arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. So as you’d imagine, we take a great deal of pride in that.  He is also a great humanitarian who always gives back. You’ve gotta love the guy.

Walk me through your feelings during Game 7 of the 2017 NBA Finals?

Game 7 of the 2016 finals was a complete bliss.  The fact that we came all the way back after being so far behind in the series was unreal.  The last 10 minutes of that game were one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I have been on in my life.

Who is your all-time favorite Cav?

LeBron James, lol.

Both hypnotic and energizing, “Defend the Land” is a terrific new anthem in support of the Cleveland Cavaliers. What inspired you to write it?

Well, we’d been sitting on the idea for a couple years.  We initially wanted to do something when LeBron first announced that he was returning to Cleveland.  We sat on the idea, and we were just waiting for the opportunity and the right time.  Now is just a really special time because, no matter what, we are champions at this very moment. We have the Larry O’Brien trophy.  We wanted to make something that would be inspiring to both the Cavs and the fans. Something to boost up the morale, to protect it and to repeat as champions.


2nd from Left: Luminari XI - Center: Tony Rizzo - 4th from Left: Styxx

The song is blowing up in a major way. It has received attention from both FOX 8 and ESPN 850 radio. 

Having the opportunity to hear “Akron Band, Red Rose Panic” spoken over the air was a big moment for us. We’ve had music in small films and on online radio and stuff, but to hear it on live television was surreal. To have our song on ESPN was really cool because it was the second time we’ve had a song on there. (A few years back we did a song for the Browns, but I don’t want to go into that, lol.) We really appreciate these kinds of “higher up” situations for the exposure. It really makes you feel like all the stuff you’ve been doing your whole life for fun, actually has substance and purpose. But this isn’t all. Trust me, we’ve got some surprises in the works.

Any word if the locker room or brass have heard the song?

All I can say is that the Cavalier organization has received the song and loved it.

If people dig the song, how can they best show their support of it?

If people love the song and would like to support, we ask that you share it with friends and family via social media.  We want this song to play at your tailgating/ pre-game parties, we want it to remind you that we all have a job to do and to show the Cavs our support.  The song is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more.  You can check out the official video at — also, make sure you follow us @redrosepanic on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Get to know more about Luminari XI in this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.


And now, please enjoy “Defend The Land.” #GoCAVS



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