Rebels With A Cause (2015)


(Willoughby South High School – Willoughby, OH – August 22, 2015 – 7:30 Bell)


Joshua Singh v. Frankie Flynn

Nice, neat opener. Singh pinned Flynn after a gorgeous 450 splash. He is deceptively agile. Singh gets better each time I see him. I love Flynn’s look and presentation.

J-Rocc Promo

J-Rocc is out to cut a promo. He has the ire of the fans.

J-Rocc: “I’d ask you if you speak to your parents with that mouth, but you’d have to know who they both are.”

He goes on and verbally carves up EC3 and Willoughby South High School.

He introduces Tom Dunn as the “Assistant to the Assistant Vice-Principal of East Lake High School.”

Art Marshall v. John Schneider

Marshall defeated Schneider (aka “Weird Body”) in a quick contest.

Eric Ryan v. DJZ

DJZ: “One rule—Don’t touch my headphones!

DJZ secured the victory by holding the ropes for the pin.

Good match by two experienced journeymen. I don’t quite understand why Ryan doesn’t get more attention. He is a solid worker.


A Rough Night for Juicy Jack (Credit: Ron Graham)

Rex Brody v. Graham Wellington

“The Squared Circle Stuntman” Rex Brody is called out to perform “stunts.” Instead, “Juicy” Jack Package enters the ring with “1994 Prom King” Graham Wellington. Package declares that there would be none tonight. A ref bump, powder-toss by JJP, and an F5 later and Wellington gets the pin.

There were lots of great comedy spots in this one. Brody is on to something with this gimmick.

After: Brody put on his crash helmet and exacted revenge on Package by putting him through a ringside table.



Marti Belle: The Prom Queen

Marti Belle v. Angel Dust

Early in the bout, Belle cracked Angel Dust in the face with a nasty right. However, in the end, Angel Dust rolled up Belle for the pin.

Derek Direction & Crash Valentino v. Bryan Bowers & Sonny Vice

Valentino rolled up Bowers for the “W.”

Derek Direction shines as a heel.

Vice took a nice dive off the top rope to the floor.



TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Ethan Carter III (c) v. J-Rocc (w/ Tom Dunn & Art Marshall)

The crowd pops huge for their hometown champion. J-Rocc is showered with catcalls and boos.

Early interference by Dunn & Marshall get them ejected.

Soon, the fight spills into the audience and up in the bleachers near my seat.

J-Rocc to Carter: “STAY DOWN!”

Two ref bumps and a couple near-falls lead to the finish. Carter hit the “One Percenter” for the win.

Great match. J-Rocc & Carter went toe-to-toe. They put on a match befitting the stature of the championship. I can’t say this enough, J-Rocc has been performing like a man with something to prove for the last year or so. Don’t sleep on him.


Great show from top to bottom. The crowd was hot all evening. Fun night.

Meanwhile in the Twilight Zone…


Credit: Who Else? J-Rocc


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